Sunday, 16 October 2011

We're here for a good time...not a long time"

Among many things, the death of Steve Jobs reminds us “our time here is limited…”  Life is precious, too short to focus on the mundane, the negative.  Sometimes it takes a reminder from an inspiring person to acknowledge how we’re not living our best life, or engaging in the things that add value to our lives.
After many years of yearning to get back into dance lessons, I took the plunge and enrolled in 2 classes this week.  With nerves, doubts and insecurities in tow, I showed up to class, unsure if I was still cut out for this.  My age, my post-baby body all weighed on my mind, put I pushed through the fear, all knowing this was something I needed to do.  Two hours later…I felt completely invigorated and alive.  Dance, I always knew, was a passion of mine, put on the back burner when I became a “too cool for school” teen, and allowed being a wife, and mom get in the way of pursuing.  Funny how when you start following what your heart desires, the signs show up confirming you’re on the right path.  Before dance class I saw my new instructor in a place I frequent with my kids dance lessons, saw a quote I have as one of my favs on Facebook starring right at me (“Dance like no one’s watching”), and came home to see one of the most inspiring movies of my childhood on TV – Dirty Dancing.  I’m completely terrified of the live dance performance I’ll be doing next month, and have aches and pains in muscles in my body I haven’t accessed in years, but it’s worth it – this dance experience is adding value to my life, challenging me, and feels incredibly gratifying.  And as I sit and write this, I can’t help but hear the lyrics “We’re here for a good time, not a long time…” ~ Trooper, resonate in my head.  Go out and live YOUR best life…
What is your heart yearning for that you’ve been ignoring for some time?  What’s preventing you from going after it? 

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