Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Love is everything...

"Those who have never known the deep intimacy and the intense companionship of happy, mutual love have missed the best thing that life has to give" ~ Bertrand Russell

It's so easy to get caught up in what we want to be, what we want to have, what we want to do.  I awoke a few days ago, after a particularly emotional, feeling sorry for myself kinda week, and realized, with an awareness so intense it brought me to tears, that if everything I had right now - an amazing life partner, two beautiful, healthy children, a supportive, loving family, a home - was suddenly gone, everything that brings me joy would be taken down with it. 

Today, this post is about honoring the man who has given me the most precious gift in life -  devotion, love, and companionship in a form I know is rare, not everyone finds and I thank the heavens for every single day.  The man who has made all my little life dreams come true, and who all of this would mean nothing without. You are loved back, beyond words. 

Love IS everything...if you have it, nuture and protect it.  Don't wait for special occasions to acknowledge it, and go forward knowing you have been blessed with life's most amazing gift.

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