Sunday, 16 October 2011

We're here for a good time...not a long time"

Among many things, the death of Steve Jobs reminds us “our time here is limited…”  Life is precious, too short to focus on the mundane, the negative.  Sometimes it takes a reminder from an inspiring person to acknowledge how we’re not living our best life, or engaging in the things that add value to our lives.
After many years of yearning to get back into dance lessons, I took the plunge and enrolled in 2 classes this week.  With nerves, doubts and insecurities in tow, I showed up to class, unsure if I was still cut out for this.  My age, my post-baby body all weighed on my mind, put I pushed through the fear, all knowing this was something I needed to do.  Two hours later…I felt completely invigorated and alive.  Dance, I always knew, was a passion of mine, put on the back burner when I became a “too cool for school” teen, and allowed being a wife, and mom get in the way of pursuing.  Funny how when you start following what your heart desires, the signs show up confirming you’re on the right path.  Before dance class I saw my new instructor in a place I frequent with my kids dance lessons, saw a quote I have as one of my favs on Facebook starring right at me (“Dance like no one’s watching”), and came home to see one of the most inspiring movies of my childhood on TV – Dirty Dancing.  I’m completely terrified of the live dance performance I’ll be doing next month, and have aches and pains in muscles in my body I haven’t accessed in years, but it’s worth it – this dance experience is adding value to my life, challenging me, and feels incredibly gratifying.  And as I sit and write this, I can’t help but hear the lyrics “We’re here for a good time, not a long time…” ~ Trooper, resonate in my head.  Go out and live YOUR best life…
What is your heart yearning for that you’ve been ignoring for some time?  What’s preventing you from going after it? 

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Love is everything...

"Those who have never known the deep intimacy and the intense companionship of happy, mutual love have missed the best thing that life has to give" ~ Bertrand Russell

It's so easy to get caught up in what we want to be, what we want to have, what we want to do.  I awoke a few days ago, after a particularly emotional, feeling sorry for myself kinda week, and realized, with an awareness so intense it brought me to tears, that if everything I had right now - an amazing life partner, two beautiful, healthy children, a supportive, loving family, a home - was suddenly gone, everything that brings me joy would be taken down with it. 

Today, this post is about honoring the man who has given me the most precious gift in life -  devotion, love, and companionship in a form I know is rare, not everyone finds and I thank the heavens for every single day.  The man who has made all my little life dreams come true, and who all of this would mean nothing without. You are loved back, beyond words. 

Love IS everything...if you have it, nuture and protect it.  Don't wait for special occasions to acknowledge it, and go forward knowing you have been blessed with life's most amazing gift.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Doing Good for the Good of it!

In Oprah’s final season, she often spoke of “The things I know for sure”.  One thing I know for sure is that doing good never feels bad.  At least it never has for me.  A simple “hello, how are you?” to a grumpy sales clerk, giving up a seat on public transit, donating to a meaningful charity, sending a handwritten note to a troubled friend, offering a stranger change when they’re short – all things that can produce a sense of gratitude in the receiver, and an uplifted spirit in the sender.
I love the power of the “pay it forward concept” – the ripple of good deeds and generosity that widens from one simple act of kindness.  Every action has an equal or more intense reaction – good produces more good.  Being kind brings out kindness.  It’s as simple as that and the world needs more of it.
The thing that irks me, however, is when people do good for selfish, underlying purposes – an image boost, publicity stunt, profit surge or tax break, for instance.   “Appearing good” and doing good are not one in the same.  I believe the truest revelation of one’s character is how they behave behind closed doors - when no one’s watching.  Good deeds, kind acts and generosity should evolve from a place of good intention – the intentions of love, kindness, compassion – not self-interest.
What’s one good deed you’ve done lately that’s uplifted your spirit?  Have you experienced a random act of kindness?

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Reclaiming Fearlessness!

Back flips off diving boards, skiing double black diamond hills without any lessons, para-sailing in the Caribbean, living and schooling abroad – all things I revelled in my youth, and undertook with fearless enthusiasm.  Yet, despite the exhilaration I remember, somewhere along the way I abandoned those things that brought incredible joy.  “You’re an adult now”, “you have kids to think about” and other factors built an internal wall of resistance inside of me, holding me back from just doing, just being.  In essence, reason and logic trumped my desire to be fearless.  Someone else’s interpretation of what I “should” be doing messed with my innate yearning to continue to explore the unknown and just have fun.
Well, at least temporarily.  There’s been something so inspiring, so beautiful about watching my young son attack new challenges, new adventures, new skills with relentless enthusiasm.  No rationing or resistance in his actions - just pure determination and excitement.  He’s encouraged me to say “I used to…” or “when I was a kid I…” no more!  I’m reclaiming my fearlessness – trying to do one thing each day I’m a bit afraid of, or something childlike.  Last week alone I swung high on a swing and jumped off like I used to with my older sister, flung myself down a tall playground poll (blisters to prove it!), jumped into the lake at the cottage (overcoming a fear I developed of jumping in water I can’t see the bottom of), and went for a tube ride on the back of a boat.  Not of the ski diving or bungee jumping calibre here, but small things I stopped doing when I grew into my logical, grown up self.  Each one got my adrenaline juices flowing again, and I’m determined to keep chasing the rush!
What have you done lately that was fun and fearless?  And if nothing, what’s holding you back?

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

There's no time like the present...

Today I started a blog - something I've wanted to do for some time, but kept putting off.  As my mom engrained in the "little voice" inside my head, "There's no time like the present".  I've made a conscious choice to start doing, being and believing all the things I desire in my life.  Writing, as I've been told, is one of my strengths.  More than that, it's one of my passions.  So off I go..."doing" something that brings some satisfaction to my essence.  What are you doing now in your life that gives you purpose & satisfaction?

In thinking about what the "purpose" of my blog would be, I wanted to have a place to come share and open up about the "a-ha", WTF, and OMG moments that unfold in my life and those around me.  I wanted to have a place where you, my audience, could do the same.  I am a working mother of 2, and often get struck by moments or realizations in my day I wish I could explore further in an open forum.  Some moments are deep, some pertain to the wacky world of Motherhood, and some no more superficial and ridiculous than the topics of Seinfeld episodes :)  Ultimately, life experiences, and the ways we come to understand them, should be shared, explored and contemplated.   From this open exchange, I believe, we are led to deeper understandings (ie. Wisdom). 

This past year alone has been crammed with significant moments - some have brought immense joy, others great disappointment and sadness.   Each one, I'm certain, will be a topic of discussion in my series of posts.  I regret none of them, as each one has brought a lesson, and, collectively, they've set me forth on a spiritual journey ---> destination unknown, but I like where it's heading so far.

As for the title of my blog - Women Into Wisdom - it stems from my belief that women have a powerful voice, and undeniable sense of intuition.  We need to bring these out more in eachother.  Too often we turn against eachother - caught up in our own quest to exude the image of a perfect woman, unleashing our judgemental, catty sides on eachother, instead of supporting and learning from one another.  Let's face it, women have enough demands and self-depricating moments in our day - we don't need to exacerbate this overwhelm by being unkind and critical of one another.  Hence, "Women Into Wisdom".  "Women", being us, and our voice, "Into" representing intuition, as well as the action of moving "into" a state of deeper understanding that is, by definition, "Wisdom".

I'll sign off with something to ponder.  I often hear or read that those closest to us are the best predictors of where we're headed, the best assessors of what we should do/be in life, and the most accurate in pin-pointing our strengths/weaknesses.  I've often been told I'm "wise", should be an event planner, and become a writer.  While I love event planning(if my wedding and kids' b-day parties count ;), it hasn't evolved into a full-blown career.  And writing, well beyond work correspondence and this blog, I haven't pursued it much.  Being called "wise" is flattering, but, strangely, not surprising.  My birthname means "Wisdom."  Do you believe our characteristics are pre-determined based on the meaning behind our names? Date of birth? Some other defining element?  Are you living up to other people's interpretation of you?  Consciously?  Sub-consciously? 

As an aside, I'm most grateful for your time in reading my very first shot at a blog!  More to come...standby!